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EatWild Podcast 20 - A guide to missing deer

January 12, 2020

Have you ever missed a shot at an animal?  Nerves, distance, brush or just plain poor judgement can lead to a miss on an animal. In this episode, we are talking about the factors that lead up to a missed shot and reflect on how we can improve our decision making and skill set to minimize the potential of this happening. I am joined by hunting partner Chef Mark Perrier and hunting guide and friend Nolan Osborne of the Journal of Mountain Hunting. This is swapcast with the Journal Of Mountain Hunting "Beyond the Kill Podcast" so you can find our conversation there too. 

Nolan Osborne is hunting guide, outdoor writer, and the editor of the Journal of Mountian Hunting - @nmo

Mark Perrier is a Chef and restauranteur based in Vancouver - @thechefwhohunts

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