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EatWild 48 - Smartphone Navigation & the iHunter App with Mark Stenroos

March 28, 2021
The iHunter App is an essential tool for the new Hunter. Apps like the iHunter tool have changed how I approach hunting entirely. E-scouting, orienteering, checking regulations, and recording where and how I hunted an area have all been improved with the innovations of the app world. The Hunter App brings together multiple essential app tools to make hunters more effective, safe and help hunters stay on the right side of private property boundaries and regulations.
In this episode, I'm joined by Mark Stenroos, iHunter App developer, and my hunting partner Jenny P.  Mark breaks down the functionality of the app and the benefits of the tool.  Jenny and I share how we have adopted the app into how we hunt. Along the way, we chat about getting lost and found and our favourite hunts.
Join us for our next EatWild E-Scouting Webinar.

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