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EatWild 45 - The Pole Bender Adventure Part 1

January 14, 2021

Cliffed out, rained out, blown out and snowed out: the pole bender adventure. 

In August 2019, I set out with my hunting crew on a caribou hunting adventure in the mountains of the Tahltan Traditional Territory in Northern British Columbia. Idyllic summer days strolling across the mountain tundra spotting caribou and goats, everything was going according to plan.  But our plan took an unfortunate turn, and an unseasonably harsh arctic storm front blasted our camp with hurricane-force winds and 3 feet of snow. We went from hunting to surviving. Taking shelter in the tipi tent, we took turns keeping the center pole from snapping as we held down the tent praying for the storm to let up. Join us for this three-part series on the Pole Bender Adventure. These are great episodes if you're planning an adventure trip in the wilderness. We talk about the logistics of planning a fly-in trip, trip safety plans, emergency communications, and a little bit about sneaking up on goats. I hope you enjoy this.  

You can find the article by Cleston Lee in the 02/2021 BC Outdoors Magazine. 


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