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EatWild 41 - Kelly Molnar of the Rookie Hunter Podcast

November 20, 2020

In this episode, I’m catching up with Kelly Molnar from the Rookie Hunter Podcast. The Rookie Hunter Podcast has grown to be one of the most popular hunting podcasts, not just in BC, but across Canada and North America. Mike and Kelly have built a following of loyal listeners by openly sharing their rookie hunter experiences and being relatable to new hunters. The podcast has evolved to bring on some of the most notable hunters and conservationists in the broader hunting community.

In this conversation, I get to ask Kelly how they got started and learn about what it takes to build a successful podcast. We chat about the challenges and opportunities of building community around hunting by connecting people and we dig into the importance of mentorship. Hope you enjoy it. 
You can find Kelly on Instagram @ rookie_hunter_podcast 

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