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EatWild 39 - Mule deer hunting - Around the fire with Geoff Horsfield

October 8, 2020
Are you going deer hunting? Yes? Then this is essential listening! We are hanging out in the wall tent talking mule deer hunting around the fire. I’m joined by my hunting mentor Geoffrey Horsfield, and my pals Jenny P and Scott Donker after a successful hunt in the grassland country in British Columbia. We are quizzing Geoff on his mule deer hunting techniques. We talk about spot and stock, still hunting timber and other tips for successful mule deer hunting. This is one of the more fun episodes that we’ve recorded.  I’ve been holding onto it and since last year to share with you during hunting season. Hopefully, you’ll learn something and have a bit of fun too. 
Geoff has over 50 years of experience hunting, adventuring in B.C., has a wealth of knowledge and is a great storyteller. 
Dylan Eyers,
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