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EatWild 33 - Packrafting with Thor Tingey of Alpacka Rafts

August 1, 2020

In this episode, we're joined by Thor Tingey of Alpacka Raft. Jennie P, Celina and I are doing our research on how to best prepare for a 12-day packrafting wilderness adventure.  So we thought we would invite the expert on all things packrafting.  We had a ton of fun hanging out with Thor as he shares the origin story of the packraft, a few adventures, and everything we need to know to prepare and plan for our adventure.  

Specifically, we discuss how durable these boats are, and what types of repairs we can plan for?  How much weight can we load into these boats, and how best to load the weight? What should we bring in a repair kit? 
Thank you Thor!
Dylan Eyers,

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